How it all started

Back in the 1950's in a little disrict in India, a man by the name of Gulam Rassul Mulla (GRM)(Grandad) started a meat supply business to support his family. The butcher business became his bread and butter after trying out a few business ventures in mumbai.

Grandad was one of the first meat suppliers to the Portugues army that at the time were ruling India.

The business doing well - But fast forward a few years, Gulam Rassul Mulla was offered a job in Mozambique, South Africa. To give his children and wife a better life, he accepted, shut down the business and head out to Africa by ship.

Months has passed, with Gulam Rassul only being able to write letter to his family - not able to see any of his 7 chidren. What life was this thought Gulam Rassul Mulla ?


Enter Zainul Abedin, eldest son of Gulam Rassul Mulla, also fondly known as Zain.

At his tender age 18, Zain was already trying out his hand at Business, it was evident entreprenuership was in the blood.

Whilst growing up Zain helped his dad, and had in a way picked up the family trade.

One Saturday morning whilst GRM was still in South Africa, Zainul went to see one of his dads suppliers

Can I buy some stock ? I want to do business he said.... The meat business.....

To Zain's dismay, the supplier laughed and said : You're a kid - what are you going to do ? You dont even have anny money.

Zain was disheartened, but as we say in the family : You need more than that to put off a Mulla!

Zain contacted a rival supplier who wasnt doing too great in business. Zain didnt have any money, but he had the mind and his business acumen.

A few days later,he convinvce the new supplier - took stock on credit and Boooom! We were in business.

The first day was a sell out at the shop, which was good news and in weeks to come sales tripled.

Very quick, news reached Gulam Rassul - "Your son's restarted your meat business - and he seems to be doing well! You should be proud."

In the next letter, Zainul said to his dad the very same and boy was granded delighted.

Fast forward 50 years, the business had stores in India, South Africa and in London. Along with that the product line had expanded to the production of halal sausages, burgers and biltong.

Zain can be still be see doing his magic at the Loondon store.

Zain's two sons Mohamed Afzal and Mohammed Faizal now steer the businesses development with plans of future expansion into Europe, Africa, UAE, Americas and Asia.

Boutique stores with a personal touch is our style, says Mohamed Afzal who Heads business development in UK.

He further goes on to say, our passion for good food is what drives the business, and we hope to pass that over to furture generations - so that we can be here a 100 years from now and more.

Mulla's supplies many restaurants, households, chefs kicthens and events in London. Over the last two years we have supplied stores at Eid on the square in Trafalgar Square and we also supply many of Hackney Gourmet Meats / Burger restaurants.

Customer satisfaction is key, hence we are always open feedback. This is just one of the ways we build a personal connection with our customers.