Who we supply

Our Customer base covers and extends to:Restaurants : 

We supply and are open to supplying Indian, Thai, Malaysian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Srilankan, Pakistani, Turkish, Lebanese, Japanese, Egyptian Restaurants and more.

Households : Monthly / Weekly orders for growing families – no need to go to the butchers, let the butchers com to you

Hotels : recently a mainstream (Corporate) Hotel have ordered Halal Sausages For Muslim Delegates, not forgetting local B&B’s

Airlines : Low cost airlines and International Flights

Hospitals : Your local Hospital

Schools : Local School Kitchens – for yummy School Dinners

Colleges : From you local sixth form to your local Tech or Business College

Organisations : Organisations that cook lunch for their staff

Caterers : Engagement, Wedding, Functions, Parties, Festivals and more

General Members of the public : Walk in to our retail store at N15QAand more….If you are interested, and want a local reliable supplier who can deliver to your door, and privide you the best cuts in town.